Thursday, January 18, 2007

And for my next feat of derring-do...

Behold -- Dundee!

To be knit in the splendor that is
Cashsoft Aran Aubergine. I first spied the rich sheen and burgundy hue of this yarn at my LYS several months back while I was buying (non-sanctioned) yarn there for Scott's Firth sweater from A Season's Tale. Now that I've completed that monstrosity, and so far, avoided the sweater curse, it's time for ME to get a sweater. Well, actually two, since I've also finished about two-thirds of Katrine. I love the utterly useless, oversized ribbed collar. It's not a hood, it won't keep me warmer, it's vaguely nautical, and of course, I'll be imagining myself wearing while strolling along a Scottish seawall.

Did I tell you about my dream last night? I ran away to Paris with
Lyle Lovett. Sorry, Scott!

1 comment:

Emily said...

That will be delicious! I love a textured stitch in the middle of cabled diamonds. Gets me every time.