Monday, July 16, 2007

Progress Report: Summer Plans

Turns out, my list of summer fun may have been a bit too ambitious. Or rather, it wouldn't have been too ambitious had we not decided to have our house market-ready by the end of this month. Yeah, so there's that.

Let's take a look at where we are. I've crossed out the completed ones...

  • Make sushi
Update: I'm working on it...
  • Play horseshoes/frisbee/bocce at Laurelhurst park
  • Go swimming
  • Visit the farmers market
  • Finally start those tango/salsa lessons we've been discussing for months
Update: HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA! Since I can't "follow", this is probably never going to happen.
  • Potluck (possibly themed) at our house (I'm thinking fried catfish, hush puppies, corn bread...)
Update: When we get the place on the market, we're going to have a "housecooling" party for everyone. Just promise not to trash the place...

  • Zoo concerts! (Keb' Mo' and Rodrigo y Gabriela have particularly caught my eye)
  • Lounge on the back patio with a mint julep or a negroni...or just campari on the rocks and a good book
Update: Well, I'm teetotalling this week, but golly, that sounds good. AND the final Harry Potter comes out on Friday. That might warrant -one- drink.
  • Consume rosé...perhaps on the patio, with a good book
  • Go to a Portland Beavers game
  • And of course, knit. When I have time.
Update: Well, duh.

All things considered, this ain't too bad. Especially since we've completed the following tasks on the house:
  • New paint and trim in the master bedroom
  • New paint, trim, and fixtures in the bathrooms
  • Built new step for the French doors onto the patio
  • Planted 53495834958 backyard plants (roses, hydrangeas, azalea, rhododendron, day lilies, bayberry, petunias, and various other shrubs) in our unusually large yard
  • Spread 6 bags of barkdust (still not finished there)
  • Emptied our closets of excess crap (Thank you, Goodwill)
And that list isn't nearly as long as we were tired completing them. Here's what's still left:
  • New lights in the bedrooms
  • New range hood and drip pans
  • New doorknobs for bathrooms
  • New doorknob for front door
  • New pavers on patio
  • Prune the front yard
Yeah, I don't want to know how much we've spend at Home Despot in the past six months. I could check my bank account, but then I'll just start to weep uncontrollably...

Know anyone in the market for a townhouse blocks from Mt. Tabor?

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CV said...

Rodrigo y Gabriela are AWESOME. That'll be a great zoo show.