Monday, January 29, 2007

Knitting and Hiking

Happy Monday, if that's possible.

We have progress! Not as much as I'd hoped. I was planning on finishing Miss Katrine here, so I could wear her to work today, but the foot-long collar is taking forevvverrrrr. And sew in the zipper, which I hate doing, especially since I don't have a sewing machine. She's also turning out a bit w i d e r than I had thought. Maybe I knit more loosely than I thought I did. Or I stretch the pieces too much when I block them. At any rate, I may go a size down for my next sweater.

Katrine: So close, yet so far away. (With apologies to Hall and Oates.) The beginnings of the collar that will not end!
In other news, things are moving swimmingly with Dundee. The yarn is technically called Aubergine, but in homage to that snotty little Oregon wine-producing mecca also known as Dundee (town of traffic snarls and overrated wineries), I've renamed it Pinot Noir. Although I'm much more of a Syrah girl myself. And besides, Dundee is so 2001. It's all about Carlton these days. In fact, let's just renamed the whole sweater.
Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Carlton!

Dundee Carlton sweater, in Aubergine Pinot Noir
Here we have a wide shot of Dundee Carlton, so far. I had hoped to finish the entire back panel, but realized I was being a tad bit too ambitious, since I wanted to also eat and sleep this weekend.

I feel pretty, oh so pretty!

And here we have the reason my ambitions to finish two oh-so-snuggly sweaters in which to swaddle my pasty bod were dashed! Neahkahnie Mountain. A day hike with the girls and the Texan. A picnic at the summit with my favorite potato chips. This is January in Oregon?

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