Monday, April 16, 2007

Blue action

Happy Monday! (Or Crappy Monday, judging by the weather here today.)

The lovely LeaEllen generously models her Green Gable, knit by moi! Scott and I visited her this weekend, for a little R & R in Seattle. I must say I am incredibly pleased with how this turned out, and it looks so great on her!

Here are a couple more views:

This was such a relaxing and easy knit, I am tempted to whip out one in every color. I can safely say, I may never knit sweaters in pieces again, if I can help it. Gotta love the top-down raglan to avoid seaming!

In other knitting news, the toothpaste sweater (aka Glee) is nearly finished. And just today, I ordered nine skeins of Cascade 220 in Blue Velvet. They'll be for the "Combat" sweater from Denim People for, and chosen by, Scotty. Except I'm omitting those silly patches on the elbows and shoulders, because I firmly believe that one should avoid wearing anything resembling combat gear unless you are, in fact, in combat. But that's a topic for another day, my chickadees.

For now, just enjoy the view from the dock:
Scott, lost in thought, oblivious that his nutty girlfriend is following him with her camera...

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Emily said...


But that's s whole other story. Great job on the sweater, and what a lovely model/friend you have there. It looks like you got a slightly more...modest (e.g., correct) fit than I did on my little top-down number, but that's OK. I was already a strumpet, anyway :).