Wednesday, September 19, 2007

There Has Been Knitting!

Lots and lots of knitting. In addition to Scott's stripey sweater (now 80% complete), I give you this!

Greetings. I am Minimalist Cardi, sure to make your fall wardrobe a DELIGHT!

We'll both soon be attired in comfy autumn sweaters, which are proving to be a finger-strengthening warm-up for HOLIDAY KNITTING. This year, I'm going off the deep end and knitting. Every. Single. Gift. For everyone in my family. Socks for my brother, a new stocking cap for my dad, gloves and socks for dear mama (since her birthday is December 22nd, and I think it's terrible that some people just give her one gift for both), a scarf for mon oncle, some Fetching mitts and a bolero for the sis-in-law to-be (also a December baby). Am I nuts? Quite possibly.

Oh. And we just closed on a house that will need some major cosmetic repairs that we intend to start making immediately, (we're talking hideous 1980's iridescent pastel decor inside a 1922 bungalow. Sacrilege? I think so.) so I better get cracking on this knitting queue.

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Emily said...

Congratulations on the house!! That is exciting. You must take hilarious "before" photos so we can all marvel at the beautiful "after"s.

I did that all-knitted Christmas last year. At the end of it my fingers were literally bleeding, but the gifts were well appreciated. Good luck!