Monday, March 5, 2007


I've frogged Glee twice now. Once when I removed the sleeves and discovered that they would better accommodate The Rock's biceps, and a second time when I noticed a stupid, stupid mistake--a purl stitch on the knit side. It was only one stitch, and its location on the back near the collar would probably go unnoticed by all normal human beings, but the point is that I would know it was there. And that one little stitch would slowly drive me crazy. Or at least, crazier.

In other news, LeaEllen's Green Gable is about 2/3 finished. Hurrah! It will soon be wending its way northward to the wilds of Seattle. Pictures to come...

I have also joined Knit the Classics, which marries two of my favorite things: reading and knitting. The idea is to read a book, and then create a textile-based project corresponding with it. We are currently reading Margaret Atwood's The Blind Assassin, which has been sitting on my bookshelf for about three years, so I'm delighted to at last crack it open! I'm also open to suggestions as to just what I should knit. It's one of those books, along with other notables like The Moor's Last Sigh and Mrs. Dalloway, for example, that I kick myself for not having read yet.

Meanwhile, I bury my nose in tripe an in-flight read like My Sister's Keeper, which I've nearly finished, thank goodness. The issues of medical ethics and societal perceptions I was hoping to see discussed were overshadowed by catty family drama and highly unlikely subplots and twists. I can see why this author is popular, however, beyond the "ripped from the headlines" subject matter. She doesn't require a great deal of her readers, and you could easily devour this book in a day or so.

Anyway, on to bigger and better things. There is just not enough time in the day for all of the books I yearn to read.


Emily said...

OMG, Celeste!!!! Knit the Classics is just about the coolest thing I have EVER HEARD OF!! My brain immediately started going on possible projects to correspond with favorite novels. YES. That is so unbelievably rad. I owe you one for alerting me to it.

In other news, you NEED to read Mrs. Dalloway, woman! Come on now.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. The Blind Assassin. I'm thinkings perhaps that capelet you were talking abotu the other day. Or one of those scarves that also includes a hat.

How are you enjoying it so far? I think it's delicious. Though I have to share me reading time with "When we were Orphans." Also delicious.

You need to start bussing. That's the best time EVER to get some mad reading done.

Celeste said...

You're very welcome, Emily! And yes, I am so remiss in never having read Mrs. Dalloway. my defense, I was about to! I was signed up to take Special Topics: Joyce & Woolf my junior year, but the class was ultimately changed to...Nadine Gordimer and Doris Lessing. So I got The Golden Notebook and Martha Quest in lieu of Mrs. Dalloway and To the Lighthouse. Not a fair trade, in my opinion! But I will make a point to read it now.

Celeste said...

Ooh, good one, Ariel! I am loving the capelet idea. Or I could go all out and make a costume from the sci-fi novel. There are so many possibilities with this book!

Emily said...

Oh. My. God. I heard about that class but I hadn't realized that you were one of its unfortunate victims. I literally cannot imagine having to struggle through The Golden Notebook after having been promised To The Lighthouse. Verily, my heart bleeds for you.